IDF Attacks Hamas Security And Military Intelligence Offices


The IDF has hit at least 120 terror targets – all military- in retaliation for over 200 rockets fired at Israeli civilians over the course of Saturday.

The IDF Spokesperson’s office stated on Motzei Shabbos that IDF fighter jets attacked a six-story building in the Rimal neighborhood of northern Gaza in which Hamas offices were located at approximately 10 p.m.

Hamas uses the building for operational purposes, including protecting and hiding terror infrastructures, while ignoring the location of the building in the heart of a residential neighborhood.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. bibi- biggest coward on earth! they fire on civilian targets so we bomb 830,000,000 vacant office buildings! you chicken! wipe out ALL hamas, islamic jihad and all other terrorist leaders or step down! that’s what begin (or trump) would do!

    • Bibi is indeed a big coward but sadly there’s absolutely no one to replace him. Not one! It’s not as if they have a Trump in Israel. The only option is to make Israel the 51st State of the US where President Trump will take care of the situation or better yet hurry up Moshiach’s coming to take care of Israel.


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