IDF: Beware of Emergency Kit Scam


israel-gas-maskThe Israeli public is being warned¬† that local companies selling “emergency kits” on the phone do not operate on behalf of the Home Front Command.¬†The unusual warning was issued by the director of consumer protection at the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry in conjunction with the IDF’s Home Front Command.

The move followed consumer complaints about the sale of “emergency kits” by companies presenting themselves as linked to the Home Front Command or operating on its behalf. The matter is currently under investigation.

One of the companies, Safe Sale, was offering an emergency kit containing nine items including emergency lighting, a basic first aid kit, a radio, and gloves.

According to recent complaints, the company is currently charging no less than NIS 628 (roughly $170) for one set.

Itzik, whose mother purchased the product, told Ynet of the questionable techniques used by the company to convince consumers to make a purchase.

“They play on people’s fear and panic over the political situation, mainly targeting older people. They made my mother order two kits. I returned them and have been trying to contact the company director for the past two weeks. He hasn’t gotten back to me, and they won’t give out his name.”

The Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry issued the following statement: “Several companies in the market offer protective kits while presenting themselves as the Home Front Command or working on behalf of it. We are checking the various companies’ identifies and the legality of their operations.”

{Ynet/ Israel}


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