IDF Chief of Staff Warns Against Cutting Defense Budget


IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi warned on Monday that cutting Israel’s defense budget would be a “grave mistake” and a result of a “security paradox” in which the military’s operational successes had created a sense that its resources could be reduced.

The Israeli news site N12 reported that at a ceremony marking the IDF’s role in fighting the coronavirus, Kochavi said that recent successful IDF operations were “a reminder of the constant and demanding activity that is taking place night and day in all sectors.”

However, he noted, “This is the ‘security paradox.’”

“As long as there is quiet and security stability, we tend to forget how complicated they are to achieve,” Kochavi said. “While there is security stability, a false sense that threats are diminishing develops. While there is quiet, a sense develops that it’s possible to reduce what’s required for security.”

“This is a grave mistake for which many armies and countries throughout history, including the State of Israel, have paid a heavy price, a very heavy price,” he asserted.

“This is a misrepresentation and a paradox,” Kochavi added. “Only thanks to strenuous operational activities can security be provided. We act in this spirit.”

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