IDF Commander Nitzan Alon Visits Maran Rav Elyashiv


rav-elyashiv-small-picJudea and Samaria Division Commander Brigadier-General Nitzan Alon, who has recently been under attack from right wing elements, met with Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv. Alon sought a bracha from the gadol and addressed the recent infiltration by mispallelim at Kever Yosef.

During the meeting, Rav Elyashiv said: “There is a halachic prohibition to enter the kever in Nablus without first coordinating the visit with security forces as it constitutes mortal danger to both the mispallelim and the IDF soldiers.”

Extreme right wing leaders have recently made harsh statements against Alon. They see him as the person responsible for activities against settlers and the forceful eviction from outposts.

Earlier this month, Alon’s car was attacked at the Tapuach Junction. Alon left the scene after some right wing youths surrounded his car and kicked it while calling “traitor” at Alon. At first the IDF underrated the incident saying that a few girls tapped on the car and that Alon had not fled the scene.

Later, Chief of Staff Benny Gantz condemned the attack and said there were “attempts to degrade” Alon. “Brigadier-General Alon is an officer who has devoted his life to the safety of Israel and its citizens. I am certain that you, like me, oppose such acts and any attempt at harming the authority of IDF officers. These actions must be condemned.”

Last week, Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered his ministry’s legal advisors to find “any possible way within the limits of the law to stop the lawless harassers” of the Judea and Samaria Division commander.

{Ynet/ Newscenter}


  1. The Torah obligates us to love every Yid & our job is to bring as many as we can closer to Avinu S’bashamayim! The Yetzer Hora works tirelessly to stop us from accomplishing these! Violent acts as these will not bring Nitzan Alon any closer! Some Ahavas Yisroel has better potential! Rav Elyashiv showed this today. But will we learn from him? How about if we do it Lizchus Leiby, Yehuda z”l ben R’ Nachman!!!?

    Just an idea from some young & stupid fella!

  2. Dear young and – an ohev Yisrael!

    Yashar koah for your chizuk! Ahavat Yisrael starts with loving yourself – shmirat halashon also prohibits saying negative things about ANY Jew (see the sources for the exact halachos) and that starts with none other than yourself too! so give yourself credit where it is due!

    Hazak ve Ematz 🙂

  3. How about we do whatever is right because that is what HaSHem said?
    Just do the right thing without the bells and whistles.

  4. The Council of Jewish Communities of Judea and Samaria (Moetzet Yesha) has also condemned the harassment of General Alon while continuing to protest discrimination against Jewish residents and visitors.


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