IDF Commanders to Get ‘Charedi Glossary’


idf-soldier1What is glatt kosher? A new 18-page booklet issued by the IDF includes a long list of religious and charedi terms that will help commanders interact with growing numbers of frum Israelis joining the army. 

In recent years, the IDF recruited hundreds of charedim, in what appears to mark the beginning of a revolution. The equation is simple: The army needs more high-quality, motivated recruits, while young charedim need employment and a salary. This has prompted the creation of a model that allows charedim to serve in the IDF while maintaining their Torah lifestyle.

At this time, charedi soldiers are serving in the Navy, Air Force, and Intelligence branch. The IDF says its ranks also include some charedi officers.

The new booklet, which shall enter the pilot stage at this time, will present haredi terms, events, and important dates, helping commanders become more familiar with their ultra-Orthodox soldiers. The booklet will also familiarize commanders with the special rights granted to charedim, who need to be handled differently because of their beliefs and lifestyle.

“Israelis are not always familiar with charedi world terms, and a brief walk through charedi strongholds may induce linguistic shock,” a military official said, referring to the new initiative.

The IDF official added that the army does not engage in recruitment campaigns at yeshivas, preferring to market haredi military service through word of mouth and special meetings, where the men’s wives and children are also welcome.

The military source said that the demand for military service among the haredim keeps growing, and that the army offers them diverse, challenging positions.

“Intelligence researchers, programmers, technicians, and quality-assurance inspectors are just a few of the roles offered to charedi soldiers,” he said.

{Ynet/ Newscenter}


  1. Dear yid and anon,

    the two of you obviously have no respect for
    rank or authority. People such as yourselves would greatly be inspired by boot camp and basic training in the army itself. There not only would you learn discipline and respect but you would also be put in you place any time you would challenge the authority of your commanding officers.

  2. Sheldon,

    We learn that in yeshivah too. It’s narish to believe that we need boot camp when we can learn it in yeshivah. And believe me, the respect we have for our rebbeim is much greater than therespect soldiers have for officers. Of course, tyhere are always renegades from yeshivah too, unfortunately.

  3. shkoyach sheldon. i couldnt have said it better myself.

    regarding the article, i think its nice to see that matzav is recognizing the fact that slowly the charedi community is showing hakaras hatov to the country that paves their roads, picks up their trash and gives their avrechim money.


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