IDF Considers Personal Fire Extinguishing Spray


israel-fire2The IDF is considering introducing a special, environmentally friendly fire extinguishing spray for each soldier, the IDF journal BaMachaneh reported.

According to the report, the spray is being considered in the wake of last month’s Carmel wildfire, which brought about discussions on the establishment of a national firefighting squad.

The IDF’s Technology and Logistics Division, which suggested the use of the new spray, is currently testing several models. The plan is to make the spray smaller and easier to access than the regular fire extinguisher available today, which will make it easier for soldiers to also carry personal bags. Should the IDF end up deciding to purchase the cheaper model of the spray, it is very much possible that each fighter would get his own personal spray.

As Major Eran Simon, head of the Technology and Logistics Division’s Engineering Equipment department, explained in a conversation with BaMachaneh, the models being examined differ in terms of contents and usage, and their prices range from 100 to 400 shekels ($30-$120) apiece. “The spray is effective when it comes to self-extinguishing of primary fires,” said Simon. “The extinguishing lasts between 30 and 50 seconds.”

BaMachaneh also reported that a new fire extinguishing blanket has been introduced in the IDF. Unlike the current gel blanket which expires within five years, the new blankets have no expiration date. They cannot tear or unravel and anti-combustible material has been absorbed into them, significantly reducing their weight. One hundred such blankets have been purchased to date.

“There is improvement in the IDF’s fire equipment,” said a spokesperson for the Technology and Logistics Division. “We are responsible for this in the IDF, and we work in order to provide the best possible solutions.”

Read more at Arutz Shevah.

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