IDF Constructs Replicas of Hamas Tunnels to Train Soldiers 

Since the 2014 Gaza war, the Israeli military has constructed multiple replicas of Hamas tunnels with hiding spots, offshoots and storage depots, at military training bases across the country. Every IDF infantry soldier learns how to fight in them, said Lt.-Col. Liron Aroch, commander of the Southern Command Training Base, which also contains a mock Palestinian city used for urban combat training, reports Judah Ari Gross for Times of Israel.
“Our goal is not to fight in a tunnel, but to deal with it from above. To seal the tunnel, to blow it up, to destroy it, from aboveground,” Aroch said. “But there will be cases where the IDF has to go into tunnels, to gather intelligence or take out senior commanders. So we have to prepare the soldiers for this challenge.”
{ Israel}



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