IDF: Gaza Bombing Campaign Surpasses 2012 Operation IN Just Day And A Half

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idf-tankAn Israel Defense Forces (IDF) official said that the military’s current air force campaign against Gaza in just more than a day and a half has surpassed the IDF’s eight-day long Operation Pillar of Defense in November 2012.

“Hamas has been surprised by Israel’s response,” an IDF source told the Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.

“We systematically struck operational infrastructure, where Hamas commanders operate. In the past 36 hours we destroyed more than what was destroyed during all of Operation Pillar of Defense, and many targets were areas where senior Hamas commanders operate,” the source said, adding that “not a single Hamas brigade commander has a home to go back to.”

Overall, the massive bombing campaign on Gaza has included the firing of 400 tons of explosives. The IDF has been distributing leaflets in Gaza as well as making phone calls to Gaza residents to evacuate buildings before they are targeted, in addition to firing warning shots at buildings to encourage civilians to flee.


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  1. Not enough !!! Cut their electricity, water and stop warning them. They r ALL terrorists to some degree. Enough of this. As long as there is still a rocket coming out of there u should bombard the place with no mercy. This is war. In war time u dont supply ur enemy with goods that they dont pay for and use against u and u dont show mercy when their only goal is to make us disappear. I’ve had it with this nonsense! They murder civilians and target them especially so I don’t care that the idiot leaders out there ask for restraint; on the contrary show no restraint what so ever and let them have it once and for all

  2. Why aren’t they keeping their mouths shut? First, finish the job, then talk about it. By talking about it, you’re only giving an opportunity for the rest of the world to come down on Israel , and to tell her to STOP before she finishes off the job-Hamas.


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