IDF, Hamas Brace for Next Round of Border Violence


The IDF and Hamas are bracing for a new round of violence at the Gaza border, as thousands of Palestinians remain ready to storm the border fence as part of the “March of Return.”

Clashes have been ongoing on the border, with a tent city going up nearby and several attempts at infiltration and acts of terrorism at the security fence. The IDF has responded with mostly non-lethal means, though it has used live fire against direct attacks.

Approximately 16 Palestinians have been killed, 10 of whom were identified as terrorists by the IDF.

Hamas has called for snipers to be ready to fire on Israeli forces. On social media, the Palestinians instructed demonstrators to bring mirrors to the fence in order to blind Israeli snipers and buckets to cover tear gas canisters. There were also calls for rioters to create smoke screens by burning tires near the border fence.

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  1. Good idea, but why just hungry dogs,there are lions,tigers and bears at the saphari in ramat gan and gan hatanachi in Yerushalayim, maybe even a few alligators/crocodiles would be of help too-oh no but then the international organization for the protection of wildlife will sue us for endangering animals. But shouldn’t this be a case of letting loose animals against animals?

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