IDF Intel Chief: Nasrallah Close To ‘Mistake That Could Plunge Region Into Big War’

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During a conference held at Reichman University in Herzliya, the chief of the IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate, Aharon Haliva, expressed his assessment that the leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorist group was on the verge of “a significant error that could potentially ignite a regional war.” He also cautioned that the conflict between Israel and Iran was becoming more direct.

Haliva emphasized that the likelihood of an escalation leading to war was not insignificant. He mentioned that Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah, may not consider the recent flare-up on the Israel-Lebanon border to be resolved, alluding to Nasrallah’s previous acknowledgment that the abduction of two Israeli soldiers in 2006 was a mistake, which triggered the Second Lebanon War. However, Haliva indicated that Nasrallah was now inclined to test the balance of power.

Referring to a bombing incident in March at the Megiddo Junction, for which the Iran-backed Hezbollah is suspected, Haliva cautioned that Nasrallah’s actions could potentially lead to a grave mistake and spark a major war in the region. He mentioned that this mistake could occur from either Lebanon or Syria.

Haliva also pointed out that Syrian President Bashar Assad, another ally of Iran, was growing more confident, citing his participation in the Arab League summit in Saudi Arabia after a 12-year absence and a recent drone attack launched from Syria.

The chief of the IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate stressed that these factors indicated a high potential for escalation in the region. He emphasized that Israel was prepared to use force and take necessary actions to restore calm, cautioning their enemies not to misinterpret the message being conveyed.

Haliva’s remarks followed an invitation by Hezbollah for media coverage of a major drill simulating a war with Israel, where they claimed readiness for a potential conflict.

Shifting focus to Iran, Haliva described it as a genuine threat to Israel and noted that direct confrontation between the two countries had intensified in recent years. He stated that Iran’s progress in its nuclear program, specifically in uranium enrichment and weapon development, continued. However, he clarified that his unit did not believe Iranian leaders had yet made a decision to pursue nuclear weapons but maintained vigilance for any indications of Iran’s readiness to take that step.

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