IDF: Israel’s Enemies Have Put the Entire Civilian Population on the Frontline

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rockets-israelSince 4,200 rockets rained down on Israel during the Second Lebanon War in 2006, all are now well aware that every military campaign will be accompanied by massive rocket and missile fire into Israel’s populated areas. Maj.-Gen. Eyal Eisenberg, the IDF’s Home Front Commander, said in an interview: “Our enemies have…adopted an attrition approach….They are arming themselves with rockets and missiles whose only purpose is to strike at the Israeli civilian rear.”

“Before 2006, Hizbullah was capable of launching 500 warheads at Metropolitan Tel Aviv. The reason that didn’t happen is that the Iranian-made Fajr rockets were destroyed by the air force on the first night of the war, and the longer-range Zelzal rockets were destroyed in the days that followed. At present, Hizbullah has the capacity to launch about 10 times that number, with the warheads both heavier and more accurate….I am preparing for a scenario in which more than a thousand missiles and rockets a day are fired at the civilian rear.”

“That kind of war will not be worthwhile for the other side,” he says. “Israel is capable of inflicting serious damage on its enemies on a scale of hundreds of percent more than they are capable of inflicting on us….The adversary will have to choose if he wants to see heaps of rubble when he comes out of the bunker at the end of the war.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. A bunch of cowards!Let them go in and make Srayfass Chameitz ain mohl faar alleh mohl!
    Show the world what it means to protect your citizens. Stop talking the talk – DO THE WALK!!!!
    The world will be a better place!


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