IDF Kills Arab Rock Thrower Near Ofra

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IDF troops killed an Arab rock-thrower and injured another two on Friday at the Arab town of Silwad, near Ofra.

The injured received medical treatment at the scene by the IDF and were taken into custody. The three had been hurling rocks at cars driving on Route 60, a major Judea and Samaria thoroughfare.


“The forces are attacked with severe violence they responded with live gunfire after feeling that their lives were in danger,” said an Adei Ad spokesperson.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. The IDF who killed the Arab terrorist could see himself behind bars for several years. The High Court of Injustice will not let this go by so easily.

  2. Good! Many people think rock throwers aren’t as bad as shooters. WRONG. Many people have been maimed or killed by rock throwers. People have also been killed by their cars going out of control and off the roads due to being pelted by rocks. Rock throwers are would-be murderers.


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