IDF: Not Sure We can Get to All Tunnels

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idf-tunnelsIDF officials said today that it is not clear that Israeli troops will manage to find all tunnels leading under the Gaza-Israel border.

Army spokespeople also told the Hebrew-language Ynet website that attacks from the air and attempts to thwart the smuggling of digging materials have limited affect. The website said that Hamas sees the tunnels as a central element not only in its efforts to conduct a mega-terror attack against Israel, but also to kidnap a soldier, dead or alive, to be used as a bargaining chip.

“There is no Iron Dome to guard against the threat from the tunnels, and no one in the world has any answer to this issue,” said IDF Southern Command officers this week. The Defense Minstry and the IDF have been trying for years to come up with a way to fight this phenomenon, with no luck,” the website reported.

The military made the comments following a firefight between Hamas terrorists and a Givati infantry unit on Wednesday when terrorists emerged from a new tunnel. Upon inspection of the tunnel, IDF troops discovered regulation Israeli army uniforms, detailed maps and advanced weapons designed for close-range combat.

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  1. There is a way to overcome the tunnel problem, with G-d’s help.
    First, Israel removes all the Moslems from Gaza – deporting them to the various Moslem countries where they belong. Then there will no one to maintain the tunnels and related facilities, and the tunnels will deteriorate and “die” by themselves.
    This will be in the shmittah year; the entire area could be flooded with water, to seep into all the ground, and help “kill” booby-trapped situations. Of course, no one will be there to maintain any plant growth. This should be at the direction of qualified rabbanim with a keren shmittah background.
    After waiting long enough, Israel (the rightful Jewish occupants) could begin the process of returning the land to its rightful owners, equitably and fairly, to rectify the moral outrage by the Sharon anti-Torah bureaucracy.
    (To persuade the trespassing Moslems to leave, Israel will gradually close down electricity and the other utilities.)

  2. Simple Idea to get rid of tunnels

    Fill them with gas from one side and then light it on fire, since many of these tunnels are connected they will all blow up and the city will go with it

  3. Tunnel treatment:
    (1) Seal off a tunnel exit, once found.
    (2) Pump methane/air mixture into the tunnel.
    (3) Ignite.
    (4) Observe remote dust-clouds simultaneous with ignition.
    (5) Repeat.
    Please, somebody tell the IDF.


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