IDF Preparing For Possibility Ceasefire Falls Apart

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A week after a ceasefire brought an end to 11 days of hostilities between Israel and Hamas, the Israel Defense Forces is reportedly preparing for the next round of fighting, with senior army officials said concerned an escalation from the Gaza-based terror group could come at any time.

Channel 13 news said that senior defense officials had described the ceasefire as “very unstable.”

While Israel’s political echelon has all but declared victory in Operation Guardian of the Walls, senior IDF officials have argued that at this stage it is impossible to determine how much Hamas had been deterred from future attacks and how the damage in the Gaza Strip would affect its decision to launch another campaign soon.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. With Hamas, at Iran’s urgings, the question isn’t IF the ceasefire will fall apart, but of how soon.
    Hopefully, this time the IDF will have their prime targets mapped out even better, and eliminate the heads of the movement totally.


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