IDF Receives Delivery of Plates Wrapped in Chumashim Pages

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idf-soldierThere are more questions than answers right now as the IDF is being questioned about a shipment of plates that were delivered to IDF bases this week, with the plates wrapped in pages ripped out of Chumashim.

The shipment from an outside contractor – Clear Inc., which provides serving dishes for the IDF – was suspended by the Israel Defense Ministry, which issued an apology and was looking for answers from the seller.

Clear is passing on the blame, saying the plates came from subcontractor Green Glass.

Sources indicate that many of the workers in the kitchen staff are religious, and they brought the issue to the attention of their superiors, shocked to find hundreds of torn-out pages of Chumashim in the delivery.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Could it be that many of the workers are not Jewish (Arab) and this was obviously a malicious evil deed that they purposely did to desecrate a Jewish holy book? This is what happens when you bring the foxes into the hen house.


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