IDF Said To Arrest Father Of Kidnapping Suspect


omar-abu-aysha-father-of-suspected-kidnapper-amer-abu-ayshaThe IDF today arrested the father of a Hamas member suspected of kidnapping three Israeli teenagers on June 12, a Hamas-affiliated newspaper reported today.

According to Al-Resalah, Israeli soldiers raided and searched a number of homes in Chevron early this morning, arresting Omar Abu Aysha, the father of 32-year-old Amer Abu Aysha, a known Hamas member who went missing immediately following the kidnapping. The elder Abu Aysha was reportedly one of seven Palestinians from the Chevron area arrested by the IDF overnight.

The military also searched 190 locations on Saturday night as part of Operation Brother’s Keeper, Israel media reported.

Asked last week about his son’s whereabouts, Omar Abu Aysha – who has spent time in Israeli prisons for ties with Hamas – told The Times of Israel that Amer had abruptly left a family gathering just hours before the kidnapping without offering any details about his destination.

Read more at The Times of Israel.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Why not the mother too?
    Why not destroy the house?
    Perhaps that might cause them to chalila to harm them but to take the parents and sibs as collateral – that can serve to ensure their release!

  2. Moishe Kahane was right: just level the country wherever they live: THE VELT VET SHRAYIN one or two days ; it will be history after that: UD MOSEI::::

  3. His son wouldn’t care. These Pera Adam are the worst human garbage to crawl on the face of the earth!


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