IDF Seals House Of Yerushalayim Attack Terrorist

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A Yerushalayim police spokesperson said today that the terrorist who carried out the shooting attack in Neve Ya’akov had his house sealed by Israel Police, Border Police and the military.

“The terrorist’s house was seized on the night of the attack by police and security forces who evacuated its occupants and arrested the terrorist’s relatives and family members,” the police statement said, adding that it was finished in the early hours of Sunday. “The sealing of all the openings of the house was carried out after receiving the required approvals and at the instruction of the political level.”

The terrorist, Khairi Alkam, murdered seven people and wounded three in the Yerushalayim neighborhood of Neve Ya’akov on Friday night. Alkam opened fire at passerby with his handgun near the Ateres Avrohom Shul.

Alkam was not known by security forces and had no previous connections to terrorist organizations. His home that was sealed is located in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of A-Tur.

Israel’s Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai on Shabbos morning ordered to raise the alert to the highest level, following the Neve Ya’akov attack. According to a police spokesperson, officers will be working 12-hour shifts.

“It’s good that my suggestion to seal (it) was accepted and soon we will seal the entire house. And the speed of the response that was not there in the previous government is important.,” National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir stated. “At the same time, we need to take a variety of other steps to react and make clear to terrorism that there is a new government in Jerusalem and Israel that is going on the offense and not just defending itself.” –24 News


  1. What do they need to seal it for if the terrorist hopefully was killed by the police or at least behind bars for good?

  2. Some depressed people will commit murder suicide in order to make their family have a better life. This at least removes that incentive.

  3. None of these actions are deterrents for terror attacks. What is the point? Almost every attack is a suicide attack, as the terrorist does NOT expect to come home alive. They need to come up with ways of disarming them and keeping them OUT of the Jewish areas. No small task but shy of expelling them all from E.Y., that’s what they need to do. This is war. Israel needs to get creative and vicious.

    • The point is to placate or, better yet, to fool, the public. And mind you, the dumb public don’t use too much brains and are happy with this. Look at the comments here and on other sites and you’ll see what oilem goilem means.


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