IDF Sends Helicopter to Save the Life of PA Arab Rioter

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idf-helicopter-gazaArab rioters who are injured when they try to attack IDF soldiers or police are provided an important “health benefit” – they are often taken for treatment to hospitals in Israel. Many of the Arab rioters injured in unrest in Judea and Samaria are taken to Israeli hospitals in ambulances, but on Saturday, for the first time in a decade, Israel provided a helicopter to take an Arab rioter who was injured after he rushed IDF troops, throwing rocks and bricks at soldiers, with soldiers responding with anti-riot tactics and injuring the attacking Arab.

The incident occurred in Shechem on Saturday. The Arab was deemed too injured to be transported to a local hospital, so an IDF unit entered the city in order to vacate the Arab and prepare him for transport to an Israeli hospital in Jerusalem. The IDF unit’s entry was made in coordination with PA police. Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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  1. WHY? The guy wanted to kill these soldiers. Why should the soldiers go so far to save this idiots life, when he will probably try to do the same garbage if he could????

  2. This is not compassion – it is cruelty to the future victims of the monster whose life was saved. A real Chilul Hashem, Sinas Hinom, and a typical self-hating schizophrenia.


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