IDF Set To Send Out First Draft Notices To Thousands of Yeshiva Bochurim

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idf-soldier1Some people thought it would never come, but here it is.

The IDF will soon be sending out its first draft notices to about 7,500 chareidim in early September. The notices will ask 17- and 18-year-old bochurim who are eligible to be drafted in 2013 to report to draft offices to begin the process of determining where they will serve.

Now that the Tal Law, which granted draft deferrals for to yeshiva students, has expired, this is the next step in the effort to enforce across-the-board drafting in the state of Israel.

The Israeli government has still not passed any alternative legislation to the Tal Law. Under the Tal Law, yeshivaleit had to report to draft offices just to sign the forms to defer their service.

Experts predict that the chances are extremely low that the army will truly enforce the draft notices sent to yeshiva bochurim, though no one knows for certain what will occur.

Sources state that chareidimcomprise 13 percent of all draft-age males., while only 30 percent of chareidim do either military service or civilian service.

In essence, the army will now be drafting all eligible men, including chareidim, but no draft policy has yet been set or approved by the government, and until the policy has been approved, the manner in which chareidim will be drafted can’t be formulated.

Despite this crucial fact, the IDF will anyway be sending out the thousands of draft notices. The first visit to the draft office will only involve verifying personal info.

The Moetzes Gedolah Hatorah of Degel Hatorah has stated that bochurim should not sign any forms indicating a willingness in principle to be drafted at any point in the future.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. If the yeshivos continue to strongly face the other side down,they will win-and the other side well knows it.

    The two parties with probably highest % of wounded soldiers among their publics’ support the chareidim :NU and shas
    (just if any still imply it is about “sharing the burden”)

  2. lets just wait and see what will happen to anyone(government) who tries to start with bnei torah ! they will get a piece of their own… ! the only way this country was able to to survive up until this date was with torah and people learning in kollel let me just sit back and watch what will happen to this country

  3. To Mr. Cohen,

    In Parshas Shoftim, there are several situations where people have a temporary exemption from fighting for clal yisroel.

  4. People don’t realize but one’s requirement of serving in the Israeli Army can be fulfilled by doing something in the National Service department. Most anyone as I understood can opt to do this instead of the Army (especially charedim.) Some of the most basic jobs one could get is for 2 years, 2 hours a day helping school children cross the street! Another is working with old people…Now for Bachurim in Yeshiva perhaps this time is better well spent. However for an avreich who anyway “dreis” around Kollel the whole day could perhaps benefit from this that he gets to do some chesed…

    In any case the public has no idea what options are available and that in reality one doesn’t have to serve in the Army at all!

  5. They can lock up our bodies but they can’t lock up our neshomos. We will band together and survive just like the Chashmonain.


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