IDF Soldier from 101st Infantry Makes Siyum on Maseches Taanis in Middle of Operation Protective Edge


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  1. Inspiration is far too cliched a word for this incredible scene. I got the feeling that this is how Dovid Hamelech must have waged war. An incredibly graphic illustration of mashal and nimshal together- waging war with our true weapons front and center. “Chayalecha” le’oraisa!

  2. Yiyasher Kochachem uMazal Tov!! This is a BIG Kidush Hash-m, and a “mechayev” to us all.

    As the ‘hadran’ concludes: “Hash-em Oz Le’amo Yitein, HaSh-m Yivarech Es Amo Vashalom”… in Zechus of THIS Siyum, soon.

  3. What a beautiful a beautiful thing to post! Thank you! Love it! That’s our true klei zayin!May Hashem bentch the IDF with hatzlochoh!(and more siyumim :))

  4. I hope that anonymous soldier knows how many people around the world, especially in the olam hatorah he inspired through this incredibly poignant video. Words can’t do it justice.

  5. WOW! What a Kiddush Hashem!! Hashem yishmor v’yaazor – Shalom al Yisrael!!! Chazak u’varuch v’Mazal Tov!!!!


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