WATCH: IDF Soldier Stabbed in Chevron, Attacker Killed

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A Palestinian man who stabbed an Israeli soldier in Chevron was killed after a spate of similar street attacks on IDF soldiers.

The soldier who was stabbed was taken to a hospital for treatment.

The attack occurred during “a routine security check” in Chevron, when the Palestinian, 25-year-old Hatim Abd al-Hafeeth Shaludi, stabbed a soldier with a knife.

On Friday, three Palestinian attackers were killed in similar incidents.

The terrorist’s family, of course, accused Israeli soldiers of “executing” their son on his way to work in Chevron’s city center. They didn’t explain why he was wielding a knife on the way to work or why he attacked soldiers.

Shaludi’s brother Ayman Shaludi told Ma’an News that the family lives “near al-Rahma Mosque,” located just a few meters from Israeli checkpoints that surround the neighborhood.

A video released later showed the moment Shaludi approached a soldier at a checkpoint, presented him with a piece of paper, and lunge at soldiers with a knife.


David Steger – Israel


    • Don’t press the play button if you don’t wish to see. The rest of us would like to learn how the real life attacks happen. Might help you survive one day.


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