IDF Source: Married Chareidi Women with Children to Serve in Army


idfThe IDF Intelligence Corps has increased its enlistment pool to include chareidi women as well as charedi men, Israel Radio reported this morning. Military Intelligence has decided to recruit 10 married chareidi women with children. The soldiers will be able to combine a career and family life, and bring their young children or babies to the base.

A military source confirmed these details, and said that the women will be placed in army intelligence units, including Unit 8200 (an information gathering and code breaking unit), computer engineering, and electronics units.

He added that the women will engage in software development and in the promotion of special intelligence projects.



  1. compolsarry service was prohibited for one to choose to work for them they are no diffrent than any other empolyer vharia sherut leumi was also assured and all agree that a lady may work as a nurse or teacher

    this is the danger of bb that think they have das torah

  2. This is ridiculous. There is no way they will be drafting married women with children, or frum women at all. If these women are going to work for the army, that’s a separate question that each one has to ask his rav. I know that there are many who are not in favor.

  3. The treife medinah wants to destroy the very fabric of yiddishkeit! What will such a thing do to the character traits of our women? What will they do to the children whose mother is not their to wean and nurture them? Do NOT tell me that because other nations allow women to fight that we should. We are a holy people NOT a people of the sheker world! PS-Even Deborah did NOT fight on the battlefield !

  4. Welcome to the real world people. You guys need to deal with reality, not some hypothetical world that only exists in your imagination of history.

  5. Juda,(comment #2) you don’t know what you’re talking about! WE are not discussing HIRING chareidi women as civilians working for the military. We are talking about RECRUITNG them into the army, and having them under its command. This is absolutely what the Chazon Ish, the Brisker Rav, and all their contemporaries said was an issur of Yehureg V’aal Yaavor!

    This is the danger of an ignoramus espousing views produced by the boich svaros of his krumer kupp!

  6. To #6:
    We are in the real world. If they are discussing drafting women, no country has a mandatory draft for women. If we are talking about recruiting them, then the Chazon Ish, Rav Shach, the Brisker Rav, the Bais Yisroel et al. made it very clear that even Sherut Leumi is a yehareig v’al ya’avor, not to mention actual army service.


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