IDF Strikes 130 Targets In Gaza Strip In Response To Hamas Firing 200 Rockets Toward Israel

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Rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory continued into Tuesday morning following a barrage of rocket fire overnight with Hamas launching over 200 rockets aimed at Israeli territory, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

In response to the Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza, the IDF said it struck 130 targets in the Strip, including a Hamas battalion commander and a military intelligence building belonging to Hamas.

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    • 8:14, a great question. Why settle for Band-Aids when you can get a complete cure?! And such dumb short-term kicking-the-can-down-the-road fiascos didn’t happen just this once, but pretty much consistently throughout the last 5 decades! There is only one rational explanation: the elites aren’t interested in solving the islamonazi issue. The elites prioritize things other than the safety of Am Yisroel in Eretz Yisroel. Basically, the elites are traitors.

  1. Before each strike, again, they send bunch of warnings to leave the area, and than an empty building or an empty spot gets a hit. With such hits it makes more sense not to hit at all, at least you would save on expensive ammunition. With such strikes, of cause these animals are not afraid to send hundreds of rockets to Israel. They don’t care about destroyed empty buildings. Jew hating world will pour money on them afterwards, and they will rebuild whatever was destroyed. Precedent Trump, may Hashem bless him, cut off funding from the murderous Palestinian autonomy, so that they did not have money to pay to their terrorists for every killed Jew, and in 2020 for the first time, there was no Jews killed due to terrorist attacks. But now this administration, Obama (the real president) and Biden (the guy who is good at signing papers), the Palestinian autonomy is getting showered with money again and terror attacks resumed again. Under president Trump these murderess were afraid to make a beep, but now under Biden-Harris (i.e. Obama) they got all their Chutzpa back and afraid of nothing.
    Hashem Yeraheym, Hashem Yeazor, we have nobody to rely on except on Avinu She Bashomaem.


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