IDF: Terror Tunnels “Will Become Deathtrap for Hamas in Next War” 


Senior IDF officials said that while Hamas is sparing no efforts to rebuild its grid of terror tunnels, IDF countermeasures will turn them into a “deathtrap” for Hamas terrorists, reports Lilach Shoval for Yisroel Hayom.
Over the past three years, the IDF has developed technological solutions to deal with the tunnel threat, and has expanded the training of soldiers for underground warfare.
{ Israel}


  1. Bla bla bla. We’ve heard this speech before. NOTHING, and I mean nothing will change. Boogie Ya’alon /Netanyahu did nothing last time around. The Russian drunk, Lieberman, will do nothing next time around. These Israeli elitists are all talk and no action. They lost everything skirmish with Gaza they’ve ever had. Here, they claim the IDF is thee most powerful army in the world, but a small little tiny Gaza can lob rockets at will into Israel, and the almighty IDF are helpless little immature cowards to do anything to defend themselves. The IDF has become the laughingstock of the world. Why would any sane person want to join such a LOSER organization. Their corrupt leaders don’t make a move without first consulting with the editorial board of the NY Times. Then they have to beg the rabid anti semitic US State Department for permission to fire a rifle. Doesn’t the world just love Israel for following instructions? Such idiots.

  2. Only the IDF has to find them first!
    They keep claiming that they now can find them, but then some time later they announce that now we can find them. Fake News!

  3. last time around in 2014 the IDF was completely and negligently unprepared and RL 73 Yidden died, Hamas like Hezbollah has newer and bigger ideas that will get the IDF completely unprepared again, the IDF is a massive bureaucracy more concerned with the rights of “civilians” in the enemy than winning, we must hope that IDF is not tested again as they will fail miserably and it is known BIBI wants to start another war to make his coalition stronger.


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