IDF: “The Moment 20,000 Global Jihadists in Syria Finish with Assad, Israel Is Next in Line”

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israeli-gen-yoav-har-evenIsraeli Gen. Yoav Har-Even, head of the IDF Operations Branch, said in an interview: “Israel’s interest is in a political solution in Syria. Instability in Syria increases the potential threat along Israel’s border and deepens the consolidation of the global jihadi presence which is close to 20,000. The moment they finish dealing with Assad we’re next in line. They are not coming only to fight in Syria. They have a vision – they have a strategy.”

“They are starting to establish in Syria a civilian complex that supports them. They have come here to stay. I don’t want to create fear, but they are already in the southern Golan Heights, in the area of Dara’a, and this deeply disturbs us, the Americans, and the Jordanians.”

“The jihadists in Syria have already taken over weapons depots. If the trend towards instability continues, it is possible that they will take over surface-to-surface missiles. We will have to plan for this possibility.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Right now, the chayos in Syria are too busy killing themselves over which pack of chayos gets to rule once Assad is gone. As the gemara says, as long as they keep on fighting with each other, we are safe. Once they make nice, they will turn to us.

  2. they should be more afraid of the hizbullah then about the so called ghabat al-nusra. the iranian owned hizbulla is for sure more dangerous

  3. It is time for Israel to think: Until now the IDF is thinking tactical not strategic. To this end it has greatly successful. Now is the time to develop a strategy for delivering fatal blows to the PLO and all the Jihadists, Iran included. Not a raid to knock out a reactor, but a crippling blow that eliminates them for generatiions.

  4. Check the news – the rebel groups in Syria have already started turning against al Qaeda. Al Qaeda has started trying to set up extremist Islamic authorities in some areas and the local Syrians aren’t putting up with it. Yes, a political solution would be best, but we shouldn’t panic. The IDF is quite capable of defending the Syrian border, as it has been doing since 1948.

  5. Is that a way for a general to speak. Israel is the mightiest of all in the Middle East. Shouldn’t he speak with determination to wipe them off the face of the planet? Waiting for our geulah shleimah already, b’rachamim! Amen What a whacky sicko world.

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