Idolatrous Tallis Shocks Mispallelim

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At a bar mitzvah in Israel’s coastal town of Bat Yam, the chazzan was shocked to notice that the brocha printed on the boy’s tallis, which was purchased at a well-known store, was actually a veneration of the founder of the Christian faith.

“All the mispallelim were shocked,” a family member said. “Everyone was shocked to see what was written on the tallis. The bar mitzvah boy burst out crying. Afterwards, the rov gave him a shul tallis and we continued the tefillah and the bar mitzvah celebration.”

{ Israel}


  1. You really have to be careful with all items of Judaica. These vermin crawl into all of our areas trying to convert the unknowing or less educated Jews.

  2. Why don’t you tell us which “well known store” this was so we know to avoid it in the future? A bunch of reshaim arrurim! To sell such a Tallis to an unsuspecting vulnerable child?! Making the poor kid cry like that?

  3. Just wait until the government finds out that they switched the talis in the middle and embarrassed the other religion!
    I hope they don’t force the shul to allow priests to give sermons inside to facilitate understanding and togetherness.

  4. This happened at our temple. It is a epidemic. Gevald. Know your Talit seller before you buy. They are out to get us and I see from here they like em young.


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