If You Are Suffering, Rabbi Nussbaum Says Try This



Does everything happen for a reason?

Most Jews would say yes – it is our tradition that every person that you meet, every ‘coincidence’ in your life, is an opportunity to do good. One Rav who has taken this opportunity is Rav Naftali Nussbaum, the Rav of the Romema neighborhood of Jerusalem and a world-renowned posek who answers questions from all over the world. Rav Nussbaum has opted to volunteer his time to help a group of young poor people who need his help to make their weddings this month. Each of the young brides & grooms has lost at least one parent, and is struggling to make ends meet.

Rav Nussbaum made the following commitment via a letter written to the public:

“The stories of 42 orphans, lo aleinu, who are getting married after they experienced difficult and bitter years of orphanhood, have come before us. It is a great mitzvah to help these young men and women build a true Jewish home. Bli neder, I will pray for all those who donate 420 NIS to the needs of the orphans at the grave of the holy Rav Gedalya Moshe of Zhvill ztz”l in the special order of Monday, Thursday, Monday for their salvation. 

The Father of orphans will repay the actions of those who help, and will fulfill their desires for the good. May it be His will that all those who participate will merit to raise their sons and daughters to Torah, to marriage and to good deeds, with much nachas and health. 

Signing for the honor of the mitzvah

Naftali Nussbaum”

Rav Gedalya Moshe of Zhvill, whose grave is being prayed at, said that anyone who davens on these particular days at his kever will have their requests fulfilled. This is a powerful bracha, and a vital opportunity for anyone who is suffering, or knows someone who desperately needs their prayers to be answered.

Just as Rav Nussbaum was approached with the painful stories of these orphans, and saw it as his destiny to do what he could to help, each person who finds this article and this campaign was chosen, for whatever reason, to be made aware of this special group of young people. How we will choose to interpret this hashgacha, and how we will use it to bring blessing into our lives, is up to each individual. 

Is it fate? You make the choice. And if you choose to help, Rav Naftali Nussbaum and his orphans will thank you for it. 





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