If You’ve Ever Drunk These Sodas, You Could Get Up to $25 From a New Class Action Settlement

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It appears that with each passing moment, a fresh company finds itself entangled in a lawsuit over allegations of deceiving its consumers. This time, the A&W Concentrate Co., which is owned by Keurig Dr. Pepper, is facing legal action regarding its soda products.

In a class action lawsuit initiated in New York in 2020, it was contended that A&W root beer and cream soda cans and bottles were inaccurately and deceptively labeled. The packaging explicitly stated that the soda was “made with aged vanilla,” when in reality, it was primarily composed of artificial vanilla flavoring.

According to the lawsuit, numerous customers believed that A&W Root Beer and A&W Cream Soda were crafted using genuine “aged vanilla.” However, laboratory tests revealed that these beverages contained very little, if any, actual vanilla. Instead, they were produced using synthetic ethyl vanillin.

The plaintiffs argue that had they been aware that the sodas contained artificial vanilla instead of real aged vanilla, as indicated on the packaging, they would not have paid a premium price for the root beer and cream soda. A New York judge concurred with the assertion that A&W had misled its customers and ordered the company to pay a settlement of $15 million. This sum will be utilized to compensate eligible parties, and that is where you come into the picture.

If you bought an eligible A&W Root Beer or A&W Cream Soda product, meaning any soda with the label “made with aged vanilla,” between February 7, 2016, and June 2, 2023, you may be eligible for compensation through the settlement. It seems that A&W’s current packaging no longer includes the “made with aged vanilla” label, at least according to the information provided on A&W’s website. Therefore, if you purchased these newer A&W products, you would not qualify for the settlement.

To file a claim, you are not required to provide proof of purchase. However, having such evidence will likely result in a higher payout. Everyone who submits a claim, whether or not they possess proof of purchase, is eligible for a maximum compensation of $5.50. However, this amount may decrease depending on the number of valid claims filed.

If you do have proof of purchase, you could receive up to $25. This sum comprises the original $5.50, along with an additional $0.50 for each additional unit, up to a maximum of 39 units, for which you have a receipt or any other form of proof.

The website to submit your claim is not yet active, but once it is, you can access it at RootBeerAndCreamSodaSettlement.com. It would be advisable to bookmark the site and prepare to submit your claim when the time comes.



  1. Soda is one of the worst beverages. It causes excessive belching which interrupts a meal.

    If you like your mood, forget the soda.

  2. This is such garbage. Another frivolous lawsuit brought to you by those lawyers who like to go after companies using vanilla. The best thing that would happen would be if these shyster lawyers would find the nearest cliff and take one giant leap.


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