Ilhan Omar Accuses Israel Of ‘Muslim Ban’

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Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar lashed out Thursday at Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, after the Israeli government announced that Omar and fellow Democratic lawmaker Rashida Tlaib would not be permitted into the country on their planned trip next week.

“It is an affront that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, under pressure from President Trump, would deny entry to representatives of the US government,” Omar said in a statement Thursday following the announcement that she had been banned from Israel.

“Trump’s Muslim ban is what Israel is implementing, this time against two duly elected Members of Congress. Denying entry into Israel not only limits our ability to learn from Israelis, but also to enter the Palestinian territories. Sadly, this is not a surprise given the public positions of Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has consistently resisted peace efforts, restricted the freedom of movement of Palestinians, limited public knowledge of the brutal realities of the occupation and aligned himself with Islamophobes like Donald Trump.”

“As a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, it is my job to conduct oversight of foreign aid from the United States of America and to legislate on human rights practices around the world. The irony of the ‘only democracy’ in the Middle East making such a decision is that it is both an insult to democratic values and a chilling response to a visit by government officials from an allied nation.”

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  1. You’re only on the House committee on Foreign Affairs because Eliot Engel is low worm, self hating Jew with no self esteem. It’s types like Engel who would sell their very own mother down the river if it meant advancing their own career. Eliot is a sad excuse for a human being.

  2. i wonder if she really believes the words that come out of her mouth. since when does any country lose the right to allow or deny entrance? how about all the arab countries who deny entrance to people born and raised and owning property within their borders? since when does she even know the meaning of ‘democratic countries’? islamaphobes are bad but she wants israel to allow entry israeliphobes.

  3. What a horrible dispicable dog! SEND HER BACK!! so anti Israel and quite frankly anti america even more!!!, God bless our great president the best president in the history for Israel and for america, Donald J Trump, who time and again sticks up for Israel and the Jewish people in such a extraordinary way!!.

  4. Rib tuck. No guy deserved this his Adam and Eve.

    Just a thought. Ban her grave in America. I could care less where she eats.

  5. Her comments are so laughable the Arabs have a close population as Jews in Israel. If it were true that there is a Muslim ban…..


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