Illegal Immigrant – “Bimbo Olumuyiwa Oyewoleknown” – Allegedly Assumes Identity Of Dead Man To Get Top Security Post At Newark Liberty

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bimbo-olumuyiwa-oyewoleknown1A security breach of the highest order was uncovered at Newark Liberty Airport today.

An illegal immigrant allegedly assumed the identity of a dead man to get a top security job at the airport, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reported.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is calling this “dead man walking,” but it’s really dead man guarding and it has many wondering how anything like this could happen.

The man was identified as Bimbo Olumuyiwa Oyewoleknown, but he was known at Newark Airport to his co-workers as Jerry Thomas, and for nearly 20 years he has guarded some of the most secure areas of one of the nation’s busiest airports.

He was arrested Monday after authorities discovered he is really an illegal Nigerian immigrant with four other aliases who entered the country in 1989, officials said.

“In this case, the defendant utilized an elaborate and complex scheme of identity theft to defraud his employer, the State of New Jersey, the federal government and the Port Authority,” Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Inspector General Robert Van Etten said.

Somehow the Nigerian obtained the birth certificate and Social Security number of a man murdered in Queens in 1992. He used them to get a New Jersey driver’s license, a state security guard license, airport identification and even credit cards, officials said.

Amazingly he worked security at Newark, including access to the tarmac and passenger planes without ever being detected, officials said.

At the time of his arrest he supervised 30 other guards.

Passengers were stunned.

“Oh my God! That’s all I can say. Where was the breakdown? You can’t believe this type of thing happens, particularly at a major metropolitan airport like this,” one woman said.

“It’s not what is supposed to happen,” one man said.

“You can’t trust anybody anymore,” another woman said.

Authorities want to know how he got the ID made and whether he was involved in the man’s death. The NYPD is checking his fingerprints to see if they match those at the scene of the still unsolved murder.

Authorities are also investigating if the Nigerian, who used the alias “Bimbo” among others, was involved in criminal activity at the airport.

Highly placed sources told Kramer that their biggest concern is the ID scam itself. They fear there could be thousands who could have used it and some they say may be sleeper terror agents working at critical locations throughout the country.

{CBS 2/ Newscenter}


  1. This just goes to prove that the TSA is a fraud thru & thru! The Government allows this Nigerian to use false identity for over 20 years & nothing happens, yet the zombie’d dummies who “work” for the TSA stop every citizen like sheep to check “maybe” their terrorists! Total insanity. The US Government is totally incompetent!

  2. No surprise here. So long as the govt. insists on verifying only data instead of using good old fashioned common sense when hiring people, this nonsense will continue to happen. It’s easy to forge data. It’s much harder to pretend to be who you aren’t when you have to pass the smell test. I don’t know Mr. Bimbo but I’m willing to bet that he had plenty of things about him that indicated that he was not legal. Most of the workers at the Tri-State airports are illegal. It’s no secret. None of them speak a word of English or care about the place.

  3. now does anyone start to believe that its possible for obama to be using forged documents? or is it still stupid birther right wing conspiracy?

  4. This country is really messed up. They make 85-year old people remove their shoes and put them through body scanners, and put 18-month old toddlers on a no-fly list but this probably illegal immigrant “Bimbo” can work for 20-years in “security” based on a false ID. All in the interest of being politically correct.

    How can we be sure that the TSA does not hire a home grown al-queda terrorist to be in charge of security? After all it is not pollitically correct to interrogate – it may hurt their feelings.


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