Immigrant Bochurim Vulnerable To IDF Draft


The IDF is working to solve a problem that was pointed out a year ago by Israeli Shortcut, an organization founded to help Jews from abroad wade their way through Israel’s bureaucracy.

Due to the lack of appropriate legislation, bochurim with the status of yelidei chul (someone whose parents are Israeli citizens who moved abroad) may only learn Torah in Eretz Yisroel for a total of four years after which they immediately become subject to the draft. The four year grace period only exists because such bochurim were entitled to study for a B.A. before serving in the IDF.

A ben mehagrim (someone who left Israel with his parents before the age of ten) is not even granted the four year grace period. These legal debilitations applied to thirty to forty percent of overseas bochurim studying in Israel.

After considering the issue for a few months, the army informed Israeli Shortcut that the Defense Minister demanded a response from the IDF Human Resource Department. Israel News Bureau


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