Immodestly Dressed Woman Sues Egged


Helped by the Israel Women’s Network, an 18-year-old woman barred from an Egged bus by a religious driver due to inappropriate garb is suing the company for $70,000 under charges of gender discrimination.

The woman was trying to reach her first day at work from a West Bank settlement and needed to be transported there by her mother due to the driver’s refusal.

Regretting that the driver “applied his personal worldview” to the situation, Egged said he had been summoned for a disciplinary inquiry.

{ Israel}


  1. the only reason we have a ‘right’ to EY is because that right is noted in the Torah. what we dont have a right to is to pick and choose those parts of the torah we will or wont adhere to because of our own decisions. the problem in EY
    is caused by such picking and choosing. every right carries with it an obligation. how can we demand that the world accept our rights when so many of us deny many of those of the obligations?

    • how many chareidim built tel Aviv? and how many chareidim fought the Arab armies? only now that the Zionist enterprise is a successful do you bemoan and demand strict accordance with halacha in the name of the tziyonim!

  2. You want women’s only busses? Move to Saudi Arabia.
    You want to dictate a dress code for women on busses? Move to Iran.

  3. If the Egged driver didn’t let her own, she probably [came from the beach and] forgot to get dressed.

  4. I have seen plenty of stores that mandate a dress code for patrons and nobody would dream of calling it discrimination but liberals will never change

  5. @Anonymous (May 28,7:09 pm) – How many? The answer is clear; it is a Gemora in Makos. מפני מה עומדים רגלינו במלחמה? שעריך ירושלים! In the merit of those who sit בשערי ירושלים and learn Torah.


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