Immunity From Vaccine Might Last Just 12 Months

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The CEO of AstraZeneca said immunity from a coronavirus vaccine may only last for a year, which means people would need annual inoculations to protect themselves from the virus.

Pascal Soriot told CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe” Thursday that one vaccine will likely not be enough.

“What we know is that most companies are targeting two injections for the initial vaccination and then our own assumption based on what we know from the technology we use with SARS 1 is that the immunity could last 12 months, maybe 18 months,” he said.

“But the truth is that we don’t know, this virus is very unpredictable.”

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    • Clarification: It is the New York City School Chancellor Richard Carranza who made that statement about covid vaccine mandate for all students in their schools.
      This is going to happen in all other states, and it is going to happen in private schools also unless we get the Agudah, and the OU, and other organizations involved.
      How can they mandate a product that has not been tested for safety in our children? Lawyer Alan Dershowitz was recently interviewed and he said legally it may not be allowed to mandate a vaccine for a group that has not been included in clinical trials.

    • Do you send your children to public school? Are you Non Jewish, Non Frum, or Jewish and Frum and send your children to public school?

  1. Most of you want to post the truth about this corona vaccine, don’t! Matzav will not let it go through. Matzav gets a commission for every idiot who injects himself with the vaccine. So don’t even try to write anything negative.

  2. I am very pro vaccines in general, but my family is not going to be injected with a hastily produced, untested vaccine, for a disease that seems to have reached the herd immunity stage in NY&NJ area anyway. If our schools are going to drop ball again and will require covid19 vaccine to attend, they won’t have my tuition money. Neither will I pay more than 10% tuition for the “remote” fiasco again. I’d rather homeschool than to endanger my kids health. And I am not a marginal antivaxer; this opinion is shared by at least half of the parents, perhaps much more than half; our schools won’t survive without our tuition.

  3. This is most certainly quite astounding that one of the very top leading corporations of the big-pharma industry and one of the main companies in the production of a Covid-19 vaccine, OPENLY ADMITS that the “protection” that the new vaccine will — supposedly — give is not going to last too long!

    It is further well publicized that the work on making this new vaccine has been put on the “super-express-track,” that they are “racing” to develop it. In this heated race, many crucial tests — which are absolutely required for the development of ANY new medication — are here being omitted. So, the concoction that will be produced will be an item whose safety WAS NOT fully tested, and the duration of its effectiveness is also in doubt.

    Obviously, such a product is something that people should not want to use.

    • That’s precisely why only a fool would get themselves exposed to the virus. It is very irresponsible to promote a vaccine that doesn’t even exist, let alone that we know to be safe, effective etc.
      Wasn’t that President Trump who said there will be a vaccine in October? Do I recall well?


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