Imperial Real Estate Tries to Woo Potential Chassidishe Buyers: “Lakewood is Better Than Brooklyn”

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  1. Move out of both. There are plenty of wonderful frum Jewish communities outside of the arei hakodesh New York and Lakewood, where you can breathe, physically and spiritually. They have mikvaos, yeshivos, kollelim, and – yes – kosher restaurants. And evengreat employment opportunities, many of which are kal venaki (see the last daf of masechs Kedushin).

    I did that 40 years ago and never looked back.

  2. This is not business this is pure corruption to push people and get them to do it without telling them everything

    And raising the pricing of Lakewood homes where thousands of people are learning Torah and there is no way they will ever be able to afford to buy a home for their family when they need to AT THESE HIGH PRICES

    Sure they might be cheaper than Brooklyn homes but they’re way overpriced for a Lakewood home

  3. The average Lakewood yungerman can’t buy a house now, thanks to these real estate agents, and they are working on making it worse. Go piggy back on a town where the original inhabitants are not starving for houses already! This is making a bad situation worse.

  4. No one is trying to help the yungeleit. After all, who cares about bnei Torah when we can line our poicjets by atracting chassidim from brooklyn?

  5. so you too MATZAV have proven to be the same corrupt as the people of this letter above by not printing my HONEST & true report.

    What a Shame. & Chillul Hashem.


    If you’re not going to accept peoples honest opinions/comments then why bother to even have a comment section? This is not communist Russia. If you publish articles/stories and you want to have an honest dialogue, so leave your viewers comments untouched. You cant keep sanitizing your viewers comments to fit your agenda. If you feel the particular article is too “controversial” so don’t publish it. If you want to be a professional website, you cant have it both ways.


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