Important Guidelines for Playgroup Tuition by Lakewood’s Batei Din


Due to a potential surge in monetary issues relating to COVID-19, Bais Din Maysharim and Bais HaVaad of Lakewood have cooperated with dayanim in America and Eretz Yisroel to assist those seeking guidance on these matters. Due to the complexity of the matters at hand, this work will not be completed before Pesach.

In the interim, they have presented to the following limited guidelines, to assist moros and parents in how to proceed.

This document should not be considered a ruling for any party but rather serves as general guidance which the parties are recommended to follow if they would like to settle the issue without having their case adjudicated in a formal din torah.

May Hashem save us from this Mageifa and bring Refuah, Nechama and Parnasah to all who need it.

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  1. Before anyone dares to go off on the bais din, I too do not understand the “ruling” or suggested practice. That is why we go to rabbanim to find out what to do. Because they understand better than we do. They have a wealth of information that we don’t have and they base their decisions on that knowledge.
    We are only wise to listen to them even when we don’t get it.

  2. what about tuition checks for elementary schools that usually get deposited tomorrow? Why is the letter only for Morahs and not all schools?

  3. only thing that’s hard to understand is why they wrote the SMA in 321 agrees the parent has to pay in a makkas medina. The SMA just justifies the Rema’s position somewhat, that the parent has to pay half and not everything as the simple understanding would read. Nevertheless, there’s no indication that the SMA himself wouldn’t pasken like the Maharam Padua and patter entirely as he writes in the beginning (the SMA himself would compare it to sfina zu vyayin zu, not sfina stam vyayin stam), . Thus leaving it as the SMA, GRA and Nesivos patter [besides the Pischei Tshuva writing the Chasam Sofer also paskens against the Rema] (and the shitta of the Rema is extremely hard to understand) against the Rema Shach and Taz. To push through a pshara on the klal when there’s a big machlokes is not simple. While it’s obvious the playgroup teachers will be hit hard, and the concern for them is understandable and if one can afford to one should give, nevertheless, we have to factor in the parents as well who are not working, thus being home with the children and also pay for childcare that didn’t happen, without the income to offset those costs. To make a pshara without hearing everyone’s side doesn’t make much sense. I believe that’s what they meant at the beginning this is just a recommendation.
    There’s no question people are being hit hard in the wallet. The question is who is the gzeira on? And that is dictated by the Shulchan Aruch and the poskim.
    Also, although the teachers etc. don’t have to return any money received, nevertheless, where they saved money on costs (i.e. no assistant, materials) technically, those savings should be passed on to the parents. Although the likelihood is that’s only something nominal (see Shach 334, SA 311 regarding the boatmean gets hired by someone else) Poeil batel would also only be nominal, as many poskim assert nowadays, people are desperate to earn, and would rather work, making most more comparable to “achlushi d’mchoza”.
    The RBSO should send parnassa b’revach to all of klal Yisroel, and we should all see yeshuos b’karov!


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