Important Rockland Eruv Alert


rockland-eruvThe following eruv alert applies only to those people wishing to carry in Section 4 of the Rockland, NY, eruv:

Due to a massive act of vandalism, the eruv around the Golf Course Karfuf in Section 4 will be down this Shabbos. Because there are conflicting opinions among the poskim regarding the Karfuf, please consult with your rov as to whether or not you may carry in Section 4 this Shabbos.

 The status of sections 3, 5, 6 and 7 will be reported on shortly.

If you are unsure which section you/your shul is in, you can view the map online at

Section Overview:

5 – Pomona/N Wesley Hills

4 – E Wesley Hills/New Hempstead

3 – Forshay/W Wesley Hills

2 – Monsey/Spring Valley/Concord/Olympia

1 – S. Monsey/Airmont

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. The potential problem area is between Eckerson Road and Pomona Road, from Route 45 to Route 306. That basically includes all of New Hempstead, and the E. Willow Tree area in Wesley Hills, plus Pomona.


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