Important Traffic Pattern Change on the Belt Parkway


belt-parkwayLast Friday morning, Misaskim attended a scheduled meeting with airport officials at Kennedy Airport to explore various ways of improving procedures for transporting a niftar to Israel and arranging levayos at the airport. At the meeting, officials notified Misaskim about an upcoming traffic-pattern change on the Belt Parkway and asked Misaskim to relay this information to the community. The new traffic pattern will impact the eastbound and westbound lanes on the Belt Parkway. 

Current westbound traffic will be redirected to a temporary bridge over Fresh Creek and then back onto the current westbound lanes. Please note that lanes across the temporary bridge are only 10-feet wide leaving no shoulder on the road.

The current eastbound traffic will be redirected to the current westbound lanes just east of the Rockaway Parkway entrance ramp, continuing over the current westbound Fresh Creek Bridge and then back on the current eastbound lanes just west of the exit ramp for Pennsylvania Avenue.

Those traveling on the Belt Parkway should anticipate unpredictable and perhaps heavier travel conditions and should allow more time for travel. The new traffic pattern went fully into effect on March 8th and is expected to be in place for 18 months, if all goes according to schedule.



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