In Case You Missed It: Secular Protestor Overcome With Emotion Upon Hearing Song of Shalom Aleichem

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A secular protestor in Bnei Brak was overcome with emotion yesterday upon hearing the sounds of Shalom Aleichem, the spark of a neshamah being ignited for all to see, a son yearning to connect.

It is assumed that the man hadn’t heard the song since his youth, the tune bringing him back decades, reminding him of days gone by and the beauty of Shabbos that he hadn’t tasted in decades.



  1. One of the most moving videos I have ever seen. It just proves that this battle can be won with love rather than with shouts, rocks or fists.

  2. Sentimental & nice, now back to reality.

    Not 1 / 300 of the rioters/wild protesters resemble the poor older fellow

    ” All is fair in Love and War ”

    Would Israeli media be showing the video to the rest of the world? Or are they showing rainbow flags and all the protesters against ‘the horrible religious and extreme’ nationalist takeover?
    That emphatically they proclaim they rather not be part of the same Nation with?
    who does this simplistic fella align with ?

    And what will be the day after tomorrow?
    Judging by the flags, moshiach and we are moving probably from each other further away
    Wouldn’t for them to bring a couple of out of their depth old fellows ”we are all Brothers” to rip the rug out from under the finally firming opposition be another obvious tactic?

    • Agree. A one time hissorirus, without any follow up or concrete steps taken, means nothing at the end of the day unfortunately. We are all guilty of this.

  3. “It is assumed that” he was overcome with memories,? No one actually interviewed him? So no one actually knows why he’s crying?


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