In Coalition Talks, Bibi Accepted Charedi Demand For Segregated Public Areas


During the failed coalition talks last month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to a charedi demand to allow for gender segregation in public spaces, the Kan public broadcaster reported on Monday.

A leaked draft of the Likud’s agreement with the Yahadut HaTorah party stated that “within 90 days the government will amend the law in such a way that it will be permissible to provide public services, public study sessions and public events in which men and women are separated. This separation will not constitute discrimination according to the law.”

The draft agreement also barred individuals from filing a civil suit against municipal organizers of such events on the grounds of gender discrimination.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. The headline doesn’t match the article.

    Making it legal for a municipality to have a government gender separate event is a completely different thing than a “Demand For Segregated Public Areas”


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