In Historic First, Muslim World League Invites Jewish Delegation To Saudi Arabia

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The World Muslim League has invited a Jewish delegation to visit Saudi Arabia for the first time ever, Israel’s Foreign Ministry announced on its Arabic Twitter account on Friday.

Secretary General of the Muslim World League, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, said the visit will take place in January 2020.

On Tuesday, a memorandum was signed between the Muslim World League and the American Jewish Committee (AJC), stating that Al-Issa will visit Auschwitz in January on the 75th anniversary of its liberation.

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  1. This is drive smart.

    Forget the war with Ishmael. It is dunce pocket dumb.

    Esau wants your drive to Temple laughed and Amalek rises. The hard fate is exact to church and frank state.

    The jew must live. He must be kosher. No matter the plight of Islams palestinian, the arab who knows you has any interesting thought you bind him up. Esau and the church want you to shut up.

    Jacob can say his peace with Islams drive. Its not cooperative but 1943 was never the Pope in the chickenhouse quick enough our head.

    What a hard day. Eat kosher. God actually is the code in hundred years our life.

    • Can you rewrite your comment in simple to understand English? It sounds like you’re saying something profound but I’m not so sure. It’s been a long week.

      • He’s translating word for word. In same order! Poss Arabic, less probably Amharic or Syriac. I’m inclined to think it’s “Old Country Eediss”! Google Translation will work for ya! Save ya lotsa time, vayss voss? Farshtayt?

  2. Curious’s comments are almost entirely incomprehensible. They seems to have been badly translated from another language.


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