In Honor of Purim 5777: “Maseches Fake News”

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Reposted by request: For over a decade, a talented member of Klal Yisroel has been producing creative “mock Gemaros” in honor of Purim, displaying his brilliance and wide-ranging knowledge.

“My goal in doing this is to give the reader the sense that he can make it through a piece of Gemara without the need for assistance,” the writer, preferring anonymity, told in an exclusive interview. “I generally distribute it to my email contacts. Some years it goes viral and some years it doesn’t.”

The author doesn’t put his name on his creations, because the people who know him know that he wrote it, but they also know that he does a lot more important things for Klal Yisroel.

Last year, his “Gemara” piece on Donald Trump went viral. In fact, dozens of elementary and high school rabbeim used it as a tool for teaching Gemara. Rav Eytan Feiner and other shul rabbonim also used it as a tool, and an “ArtScroll version” was released by someone else.

“While that wasn’t my intended goal,” he told us, “it gave people a sense of contentedness to Gemara and hopefully contributed to talmud Torah in some sense.”

And his rabbeim encouraged him to continue doing it.

Our friend’s contribution this year, seen above and shared exclusively with, is about “fake news.” He made the “kuntrus” reflect more of a liberal, anti-Trump personality, while Tosafos responds with a pro-Trump interpretation.

The message that the author put on the bottom is: “Whether one’s views are more aligned with the kuntrus or with Tosafos, we should all be מבקשי אמת in מילי דעלמא and certainly in מילי דשמיא including the realization that if we made it through this daf, we have the ability to work out, with יגיעה ועמל, the אמיתה של תורה in a real daf of Gemara, Rashi and Tosafos.


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  1. Lol speaking of fake news Matzav you guys are king second only to the Doanld himself keep it up!

    “shared exclusively with”

    how do you come up with this stuff?

  2. Through mentioning The Post and NYT ,even in a spoof ,will give them more credence
    They should have been avoided

  3. This is totally brilliant! All the hilarious details, totally mimicking real life issues in a satirical way. The machlokesim between Rashi and Tosfos. OMG this is unbelievably well-done!

  4. The Shu”t Dvar Shmuel (193) criticizes strongly
    the printers of Meseches Purim. He claims
    it is Chilul Hatorah to imitate the Gemoro and
    turn it into a song and comedy

    • see sanhedrin 101a top 5th line. you might be right, even thogh not same exaple…but your stil mocking the shas…which isnt permitted anytime


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