In Hotel for Shabbos? Watch: Non-Electronic Door Opener Idea

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  1. opening the door from the inside does not cause any electric currents? i have seen some that have a little leard light on outside of door turn collors

  2. A better idea is to put a rectangular magnet over the opening in the door post that the door knob’s latch fits into. The magnet is not visible from the hallway and doesn’t fall off. By keeping the metal pieces separate, you are assured that no electronic connection is being formed when you open or close the door. I believe that this was once done at an Agudah convention.

  3. This is why I don’t leave home anymore and watch the computer internet. I don’t have this problem at home any more. I think the frim demonstaytor is talking about my last visit to Balimore a long time ago in the winter I think but i cannot be sure if it was at all cold.

  4. this is ridiculous. now any potential goniff in a hotel where he sees frum people can know exactly where to go and what to look for


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