In Important Law, NY Students Must Have Completed Vaccines To Attend School

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vaccineNew York – Children entering kindergarten through grade 12 will now be required to receive a complete series of vaccines to attend classes this fall, according to new rules from the state Department of Health.

Starting Tuesday, students must be vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella; and diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis — or being in process of doing so — in order to attend classes.

The new rules will most directly apply to younger children. Under previous regulations, kindergarteners could attend without finishing those vaccines.

“These revisions are based on the most current science and will give our children the best protection we can provide from devastating diseases.” state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said in a statement. “With these up to date school immunization requirements in place, New York will be aligned with federal standards on childhood vaccines.”

Under the new regulations, children entering kindergarten through high school will be mandated to have completed two doses of the measles, mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine.

Children entering kindergarten through grade five will need to receive five doses of the vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus and a cellular pertussis (DTaP) to attend classes.

Those entering kindergarten and grades one, six and seven must receive four doses of the polio vaccine.

Any child who is not up to date with the revised vaccine requirements will have to complete the vaccination series in order to remain in school.


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  1. Hooray! It’s about time!
    What about Chicken pox vaccine?

    In Israel the vaccines are conducted at school, during school hours by a medic. THAT is good!

  2. Yes, chicken pox is a deadly, horrific disease that killed thousands before the implementation of its vaccine. Now that kids aren’t getting chicken pox naturally, somehow the incidences of shingles is somehow on the rise. Realize, that the natural way that the Ribono Shel Olam created our world was that when children contracted these types of diseases they were immune for life without major reprecussions, however the introduction of these vaccines created a system where now people can be in danger of contracting these diseases when they are older and there can be negative side effects.

  3. This forcing of children to submit to having these vaccinations loaded with poison injected into them against their will, hearkens back memory’s of Nazi Germany/Communist Russia where they tried horrible experiments on the helpless! That this could be happening in the 21st century, is very troubling.

  4. # 3 that is exactly why it is so important that everyone else gets their shots. If everyone listens and is vacccinated the people on chemo or anyone else that can’t get the shots for medical reasons won’t be exposed to these dangerous diseases.

  5. Just a Plain Someone – Glad you want your children to be the guinea pig for these wonderful experiments, but are you up to date with your shots??? you could be exposing the world to terrible diseases because you got the “old” noneffective shots. you better go catch up on all the new boosters as well.


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