In Israel, Cows, Chickens and Fish Eat Kosher for Pesach Shloshim Yom Kodem Hachag

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cowsIsrael’s farms and fisheries have been feeding their animals and fish with kosher feed since Purim – 30 days before Pesach – in order to ensure the highest levels of kashrus during the Yom Tov.

Dairy farmers make certain that the feed given to cows has none of the grains which are not kosher for Pesach ensuring that milk marketed on Pesach will be completely kosher. Dairy farmers say they even change the hay during the Pesach to assure that it does not come from grains.

Yaakov Bachar, CEO of the cattle breeders association said that because cows have delicate stomachs, the transition is done gradually. Fisheries also change over to a hametz-free meal that is given to fish raised in the ponds. The Fishbreeders Association said that the factories which supply the mix were scrupulously cleaned and prepared for Pesach and the meal was exchanged for one that does not contain grains.

The Poultry Farmers Association has also assured the authorities that all chicken products being sold ahead of the Pesach have had feed that was certified kosher for Pesach. Some 2,800 tons of fish are expected to be sold ahead of the holiday reflecting a 17% increase over last year. The majority of the demand is for carp which are bred in pools. The Agriculture Ministry says that average egg consumption in Israel goes up from 20 eggs a months to 22. 90% are locally raised with 10% coming from Turkey. Israel is the world’s fourth largest consumer of eggs – after Japan, France and the US.

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  1. Very unnecessary chumra. Beheimah shenispatma is only an issue if it is fed exclusively with a davar haasur. I assume that these cows r fed water and stuff which would get you out of any problem

  2. Big deal! I live in Passaic and it is a Dvar Yaduah Umfursam Lakol that the meat, chicken and fish that we have here ALL YEAR ROUND are only fed Yashan grains, picked my Shomrei Torah Umitzvos and all dairy products that they are fed are Chalav Yisrael and any meat that they are fed must meet Bais Yosef Glatt standards.


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