In Light of the Current Corona Matzav: Give Them Oxygen, Give Them Life. A Zchus Before Yom Kippur

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Oxygen is essential for life. 

Most of us take it for granted. We’ve had all the oxygen we’ve needed all our lives. 

But not everyone is so fortunate. 

Those stricken with Covid-19, in many cases, suffer from a multitude of symptoms. But, doctors say, there is one elixir that is more potent than any other: oxygen.

So how does a Covid-19 patient get the oxygen that he or she needs?

The answer is an oxygen concentrator. A concentrator provides oxygen to a patient in their homes, obviating the need to enter already overcrowded and overburdened hospitals. The needed treatment can be brought to the patient’s house. It is very literally a lifesaver. 

But there’s a problem. In Eretz Yisroel, these devices are nearly impossible to obtain, and even those that can be purchased cost an exorbitant amount of money. 

The Darkei Miriam organization, recognizing this need, has stepped in to raise the funds necessary to deliver concentrators to Covid-19 patients whose recovery depends on them. The benefit is twofold: Patients receive the oxygen that they desperately need, and they can receive this treatment in the safety and comfort of their own homes. 


These patients are counting on us. Right now, 1,000 concentrators are needed. Also needed are 10,000 oximeters, an electronic device that measures the oxygen carried in a person’s blood.


We must do what we can to step up and help the Jews in Israel whose lives very literally hang in the balance.


This project of Darkei Miriam is being facilitated by Bikur Cholim of Lakewood, ensuring that once the funds are raised, the oxygen concentrators can be purchased swiftly and delivered to those who need them most. 


Take part in this wonderful chesed opportunity and have a zechus in the wellbeing of hundreds of fellow Yidden.

To join in this effort, visit HERE

or email


  1. Corona virus is 5G electromagnetic radiation (in Hebrew ‘radiation’ is הקרנה, קרינה carana, crina which is why they needed to change the name so that Israelis shouldn’t realize it) with all the symptoms of radiation; including, losing the sense of smell and taste, losing the hair and beard; shortness of breath; dry cough; feeling of fullness in chest; flu-like symptoms, etc. and is not a contagious like they’re trying to fool you but it’s radiation the governments are beating down on the masses globally. Masks, gloves, social distancing and lockdowns will not stop it.


    THAT IS WHY THEY CALL IT ‘WAVES’ as in microwaves which are electromagnetic radiation waves as are ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and gamma-rays.

    • I see, and can you please explain us how does HCQ help wuth radiation? Or have you figured out HCQ does not help what’s needed is a tinfoil combo, hat and mask?

      • Coronavirus is a term used for all sicknesses and injuries. Don’t you know that yet? Those who had “coronavirus” pain in the legs, losing their smell and taste, hair loss, flu-like symptoms, etc, it all came from the radiation – in short, chemo symptoms. HCQ is used for pneumonia, known today as coronavirus.


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