In Memory of My Brother, Dovid Robbins z”l

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dovid-robbinsBy Karen Robbins Krasner, Dovid’s sister

I don’t believe in saying goodbye; saying goodbye is for those who don’t return.

Dovid, You are alive in my heart always.

You shielded all in your midst from pain and sadness; you gave friends and family your whole heart and soul, b’chol levovcha b’chol nafshecha.

You touched us all with your ‘gift of gab’ and your funny jokes; your tummy even bounced when you giggled.

Your heart was always open; and you were adored by all.


I remember when you were little, at five years old, you had an unusually advanced appreciation for music.

You taught your sister, Beth and me to love music and how to operate a “record player”

You joyfully whisked us away from homework and encouraged us to “get up and dance”

I remember you watched the clock and encouraged us to get to the “ice cream man” before he left., “Come on guys, it’s four o’clock,” you used to say, “hurry up or we won’t get ice cream!”

I remember one day when you were in kindergarten, you got lost at Hillside Garden Apartments, in Hillside, NJ and mommy frantically searched for you.

You used to run circles around your sister and me, you were a very “fast moving” kid!

You had a first grade teacher, Mrs. Fordham, in Irvington, New Jersey.  You didn’t like her class and came home to tell us about kids who were class bullies,

I remember when Mommy wrote letters and you slowly got out of Ms. Fordham’s class and away from the bullies.

You were so happy.  You came home, you took out your favorite, record, and pulled us in to celebrate.

When you were happy, you “made a simcha” for all of us.

Adult Years

In later years, I remember in the 1997, when my children were small and you came for a visit, you smiled lovingly at each of them and gave each a brand new five dollar bill. When I tried to thank you, you bowed your head and looked to the side and up at the sky.  It was as if you were giving the thanks over to Hashem. You said “it’s not necessary to thank me.”

Then, shortly after I was divorced in 2005, you met me on Ocean Parkway, you looked at me, you pursed your lips and frowned, it was as if you felt all my pain in connection with the divorce.  You said, “How’s it going, Karen; you look upset!”  You then took out money, and said “Here take this, (it was several rolled-up 20-dollar bills) it was money I wasn’t expecting; you probably need it more than me now!”

Last Words

Dovid, you were an angel! I will always have you in my heart and mind.

I take solace knowing your neshoma will be even closer to the Bashefer than before.

Although my eyes are filled with tears, I can find chizuk in the promise of redemption,

Believing with a perfect faith that there will be a time

When we will be together again; when all Jews will be together again.

My heart and soul yearn to see you very soon in the mechavaly Moshiach when all Yidden will be together.

May the redeemer come to Zion, speedily.

Saying Goodbye is for those who don’t return…

Dovid, I will never say goodbye.

I love you forever, my very special brother…

Your sister,

Karen Robbins Krasner

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  1. Dovid, I didn’t know your family name. I only knew you as a Mentch without a family name.

    I must ask you mechila for not respecting you enough & sometimes even ignoring you while I was in a rush. In a rush for what? Dovid-We are the losers.

  2. May the family and friends of Dovid Robbins, z’l, be comforted among the mourners of Tzion and Yerushalayim. We pray that he and all our loved ones will soon return! Moshiach is on his way!

  3. A beautiful tribute to Dovid! May his sisters be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim. He served as a lesson to all who knew him.

  4. He was a special boy always said thank-you and please was always polite and gave a special time to all the kids in the houses he visited. Shabbos wont be the same with out him. He was always happy even when things looked down for him and gave chezak to all of us,. May he be a Malitz Yosher for Klall Yisroel

  5. An Open Letter to All,

    Dovid was always smiling and seemed to always be thinking about someone else’s needs before his own.

    Over these last two weeks since we’ve lost you, many people have been whispering to each other.

    “Did you hear, did you hear, do you remember Dovid Robbins? ohhhh noooooo!

    The shock of losing you and the warmth that touched us all, has left us all reeling with an emptiness that cannot be filled without you.

    How much we will all miss you and how much we have lost by never being able to sit next to you at a Shabbos table again is so sad.

    A Shabbos table with Dovid Robbins singing away zemiros with his whole heart and neshoma (in that special way that only Dovid could); was a Shabbos table to be remembered. Dovid always had a vort or gematria handy plus he knew how to tell it so that anyone could understand the message. Dovid loved to talk in public and speak words of torah or utter a special kindness about someone in the room. he was a tremendous makir tov and never shied from thanking anyone over and over – FROM THE BOTTOM OF HIS HEART.

    Ohhhh if only we could just have you, our dearest friend Dovid back again. Even in your petira, you LIVE and SHINE brighter than most of us ever have.

    There will be many who read the sweet things that so many have said about you on the different web sites and they might wonder if we are just exaggerating. So let’s try to set the record straight for those who lost out in meeting the special person that you were.

    Dovid wasn’t perfect; he would be the first to tell you that. He was human like the rest of us and at times acted like we all do – sometimes we are amazing and at other times, we wish we could have been better.

    What made Dovid so special was how he responded to the diversity of things that life threw his way. His emunah in Hashem was like the Rock of Gibraltar. He could never be shaken by anything thrown his way. Sure, at times he got frustrated, but when you take out a moment to examine how nearly everyone else would have responded to the challenges that Dovid faced, it is at that moment that it is most apparent that Dovid was a spectacular human being and ovayd Hashem unlike any other you might meet.

    Dovid was one of the kindest and sweetest people you would have ever met. Every Shabbos injected into Dovid a kedusha that carried him smiling through his week. Dovid in-turn injected back into the many homes he would eat by on Shabbos his unique charm and winning smile that announced “HOW GREAT IT WAS TO BE A YID AND TO BE ALIVE!”

    So when I think about Dovid’s cheerfulness and love for Torah and Hashem along with his ahavas yisroel, I can’t stop feeling sad for myself and the rest of us. Only after we lost you, did your sun shine brightest Dovid.

    The day will come when all will be revealed and we will find out who you really were in a previous gilgul (incarnation) I am sure you were a GIANT. The life you lived during your brief stay and the way you lived it was so unique, that it is clear to me that a neshoma like yours was probably sent back to this world not to complete its own tikkun, but rather to help so many of us become the best we can be.

    Perhaps, we didn’t appreciate you enough and didn’t deserve to continue to benefit from watching you conduct yourself in the simple and humble manner that was all your own.

    I read somewhere on-line how someone expressed that they felt you were “their Rebbe” in areas bayn odom lechavaro and bayn odom lemokom. How right they are – you lit up any room you walked into with a charm that was uniquely yours and your G-D given gifts with numbers and songs were always used to bring others a smile.

    So to all of you who never met Dovid Robbins, you missed meeting one of the finest young men around today. His love for all disarmed everyone he met and endeared him to people twice his age and standing. He knew how to make little children feel yummy and made them believe that Dovid was as young as they were and they knew he was special too.

    I will always cherish the times and laughs I had with you my good friend and I keep the flame of your memory burning in my heart everyday and know that you see us all now and wish us the best and will daven for us all.

    May Hashem bring both of your sisters Karen and Beth and their families a nechomah and may we all strive to be a little more like you every day….


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