In Photos: Emmanuel Parents Pack Up for Two-Week Jail Term


emmanuel-parents-to-jail[Photos below.] The following photos were taken earlier today in the final hours before the chareidi parents of the Emmanuel community were marched to jail, accompanied by over 100,000 people in Yerushalayim. Estimates for the total number at all the Israeli rallies put attendance at 160,000.

The photos below show the fathers and mothers packing up and taking their suitcases as they depart their homes for a two-week jail sentence.

The men were transported to Massiyahu Prison. The women were transported to N’vei Tirtza Prison.

The men’s prison has a shul and other amenities, while the women’s prison has baby supplies, diapers and other items the mothers who are accompanied by infants will need.

Food with the hashgacha of the Eidah Hachareidis will be provided.

A large crowd was on hand at each prison to greet the new inmates, who left from the Russian Compound in Yerushalayim, where a crowd of hundreds bid the fathers and mothers farewell.

See below for photos of the parents leaving their homes:

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{Yair Israel}


  1. Modern day shmad, I wonder what judge levy thinks when he says in shmoinei esrei hushivu shofteinu kivurishoinu viyoatzeinu kivatchilu vihuser mimenu yogoin vanuchu. Theres a beautifull article written on Ynet regarding the absurdity of this story. Basically the article written by a frum lawyer asks what will this so called frum judge do when a reform rabbi petitions the court regarding a orthodox shul funded by the state that has the women on the other side of the michitza who are not entitled to aliyas and not entitled to any say in the shul? Will also imprison the congregants, or remove state funding on the account of racial funding and what about the aspect of koihen levy and yisroel will also have a say on that sort of discrimination? And what about frayir neighborhoods that dont allow frum people to move in, is there ever an outcry over this well it appear not so because this huge charedi minority in eretz yisroel is discriminated against constantly, and lets not forget the fact that this was absolutely not a case of discrimination, it was merely labeled so in order to further the agenda of judge levy, baring in mind that the (so called) highcourt of justice has had in its 62 years four sfardim in a country that is more then 50% sfardi. And then theres the taina that in america we are obligated to teach the full secular curriculum when we recieve state funding well thats untrue and everyone knows that affirmative action was implaced which is to protect the black minority even with regard to their education and curriculum. So this story is nothing short of hatred for the frum


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