In Tragic Record, More Than 2,600 Jews Visit Har Habayis on Yom Yerushalayim

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In a halachically tragic development, a record number of Jews visited the Har Habayis on Sunday to mark Yom Yerushalayim, violating the p’sak of every major posek forbidding entry to the Har Habayis nowadays.

According to the Israel Police, some 2,600 Jews were granted entry to the Har Habayis, in groups of 40-50 in two waves in the morning and afternoon. The figure was an all-time record, according to Hebrew media reports. It smashed what was previously considered the record, on Tisha B’Av in August 2019, when some 1,700 Jews visited.

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  1. There are big talmidei chachamim that go and encourage going
    Those who disagree .. shouldn’t go

    BUT to call it tragic ??

    What a distortion .. heroic maybe .. but not tragic

    (Ps I don’t go … I also don’t pass judgment)

  2. Do you not appreciate the irony of this reporting: on the anniversary that we reclaimed Har Habayis after thousands of years, and that we lost specifically due to sinas china, you fail to dan l’kaf zechus or be melamed any zchus.

    Clearly these yidden who consider themselves shomer torah u’mitzvos are soymech on legitimate poskim that allow for this. So rather than assuming the worst of thousands of frum Jews, why not point out which poskim allow for this and why.

    Let the reader make up their own mind as to whether this is truly a halachically tragic event, we don’t need your negative editorializing on a a news story!

    Going up to Har Habayis seems to be a bee in the bonnet of the editors of this site, never failing to note that they consider it wrong – notably we don’t get that same “all rabonim that I know think you are wrong” statement for any other news story

    Or to rephrase – why do you feel it so necessary for this solitary issue to bash frum Jews just because they have a different posek?

    • Why would any fool take a chance with karet by getting married? Praying on Har habayis is a mitzvah as well, Rambam’s sefer hamitzvos on tefillah, mitvah #4. Are people like the Rambam in a letter, the Baal tosafos Rabbi Yechiel of Paris, the gedolim who seriously consdered bringing back korban pesach like chasam sofer and chazon ish and R’ akiva Eiger, the Radbaz who paskened halach lemaiseh fr those going there, Rabbi Lior, rabbi weber, rabbi brond, Rabbi tendler, and many more that foolish??

  3. All Gedolei Yisrael for the last 100-150 years said it is prohibited to go on the Har Habais, including Rav A. Y. Kook and his son Rav Tzvi Yehudah z”l. And they were very clear about it. Those who go are playing with fire. It is good enough to go to the Kosel, where the Shechina has never left.

    • Reb Yid,

      If you want to go to the western wall of the Beis Hamikdash itself (where the Shechina has never left), and not just one of the remaining walls of the mountain (of which Chazal say nothing and is just another synagogue), come with us to Hashem’s mountain after studying all the halachos, after chafifa and iyun and mikveh maayan and observing mora mikdash (incl. chalitzas mitzva), and one of the talmidei chachamim will happily show you where that is along the route. ask the cop to stay there for a bit.

  4. It’s time for a cherem!

    Let’s start with the Radbaz, teacher of the Arizal who gave instructions of how to navigate the mount, as a leading posek.

    And Radbaz bases himself on the tradition, mentioned in the Shelah and brought in the Chafetz Chaim’s Likutei Halachos and others, that the Foundation Stone is the under the Golden Dome.

    From that all we have to do is measure the 500 amos in the mishna.

    An OK overview of the topic is here:


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