Increasing Number of Kosher Alerts Puts Some Consumers on Edge


kashrus-symbolsWith the addition of hundreds of new kosher products comes a drawback that has many kashrus sources and ordinary consumers on edge. It seems that as the number of products increase so do the number of alerts that appear in Anglo Jewish newspapers, kosher certification agency newsletters, and the blogs that routinely cover such alerts.

The alerts typically involve an unauthorized usage of a kosher symbol as was the case with Snapple recently when its certifier, OK Kosher Certification, alerted customers that the 24 pack – 20 oz plastic bottles of Snapple had been incorrectly labeled OK Pareve. It appeared that while most of the flavors were kosher, the Fruit Punch was not. Another advisory referred to JELL-O Strawberry Cheesecake Snacks produced by Kraft Foods which the OK does not certify because it contains gelatin.

The issues with kosher certification are as widespread with larger manufacturers as they are with smaller ones.

Also of concern is changed status of restaurants and retail establishments. In Chicago, the cRc had to warn customers that it no longer certified many Red Mango stores around the country. Changes in certification at many eating establishments routinely occur but in many cases the stores are left without certification.

Kashrus agencies say they are noticing an increased volume of calls to their consumer hotlines. One rabbi told Kosher Today that the calls begin the minute that there “is any kind of buzz about the kashrus status of a product or easting establishment.”


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  1. Mi Kiamcha Yisroel. B”H we are so concerned with what goes into our mouths. To all the reliable Hechsherim out there please keep up the great work you do for Klal Yisroel.

    One request though if I may just to ease our nerves and concerns. When and if you ever remove a Hechsher from a store/ company please let us know why. If it is Kashrus related or financial related. Tell us if you removed your hechsher or if the store / company chose a new hechsher (which they are allowed to do). Sometimes we read or hear about a removal of a hechsher and an honest person looses parnosa since people get concerned as to why.

    And……if you know who the new hechsher is please tell us. Everything comes from Hashem – including your Parnosa and your success so there is no reason not to let the public know who the new hechsher is.

  2. See today’s Hamodia front page. Governor Paterson wants to abolish the office of Kosher Law Enforcement by defunding it. It is absolutely necessay that every Jewish Resident and Visitor of New York state loudly protest the devastating cut. Call the Governor and your representative NOW.

  3. My zeideh olov hasholom (a mashgiach when things were much simpler) always said: if you are eating only bread and water, you were probably nichshal 50%. Make as much stuff as you can with simple ingredients at home, and you will be much safer kashrus wise, and as a bonus, health wise too!
    Gut Shabbos and Moshiach NOW!


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