India Is Becoming World’s New Virus Epicenter

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India is fast becoming the world’s new virus epicenter, setting a record for the biggest single-day rise in cases as experts predict that it’ll soon pass Brazil — and ultimately the U.S. — as the worst outbreak globally.

As many as 78,512 new cases were added Monday taking the total tally to over 3.6 million. On Sunday, India reported the highest ever one-day surge among all major countries. With 971 reported deaths, the Asian country pushed past Mexico for the third-highest number of deaths worldwide. At the current trajectory, India’s outbreak will eclipse Brazil’s in about a week, and the U.S. in about two months.

And unlike the U.S. and Brazil, India’s case growth is still accelerating seven months after the reporting of its first coronavirus case on Jan. 30. The pathogen has only just penetrated the vast rural hinterland where the bulk of its 1.3 billion population lives, after racing through its dense mega-cities.

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  1. India is fast becoming the world’s new virus epicenter while America is following Canada with ending the Corona nonsense.

    BREAKING: Idaho’s House of Representatives Votes to End Coronavirus Emergency EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY
    Aug 25, 2020
    Idaho is now the first state where it’s constituents have voted to remove the insane coronavirus regulations put on by their governor in overwhelming fashion.

    Partchville, British Colombia in the Common Law Assembly passed a public safety bylaw that prohibits Covid restrictions in mandatory distancing, masking, quarantines and vaccines anywhere in their communities on Canada’s West Coast. As of today who tries to impose any of these restrictions can face penalties and imprisonments by the Common Law Assembly and the Common Law Courts since they are part of criminal conspiracies. They say that these Covid regulations are unlawful and threaten people’s health and security. In other words, civil disobedient is now lawfully authorized by the CLA. All police authorities are expected to enforce this bylaw or be charged with obstruction justice. This, they say, is putting justice back in the hands of the people and an end of the police state and the Covid scam, who are tempting to take the children from their parents quarantine them in schools, kidnap them and keep them hostage until the families agree to their forced vaccination.

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    Its elul
    Please even if you dont believe in this please be nice to others who do


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